we connect as we give, as we share, as we touch.

The humanitarian work doTERRA chooses to incoporate into their business; THIS is part of my why in choosing to become a wellness advocate. This reason alone is why I chose to try their products. Then the way I started feeling after a few weeks of using the oils; completely shifted my mindset into why I wanted to share these oils with others. My mood began to shift into a more positive space, my home smelt fresh and clean without toxic cleaning products, my skin started to feel oh-so-soft… the positive shifts started to become endless. And I couldn’t keep this just to myself. When something as simple as a single oil, begins to profoundly shift your life into more light, peace and joy; the only logical choice becomes to share this with others. We all deserve to feel at peace, at ease and to feel joy in our being. To know we have the tools to support us on days where emotions run high as such is the ebb & flow of life. For there IS an oil for everything… the earth supports our being. It’s always been here for us; just waiting for us to listen; to get still. To connect with self so we may support each other. And doing so with pure essential oils, with mindfulness and grace along the journey; forever the student just sharing what I learn while here. THIS IS MY WHY.

Sure all of this is good.

BUT…. is this really a legitimate business i can do? or just one of those pyramid things? Secret, aka Not-so-Secret: It’s all about your mindset.

I get it, I was once there too… the not trusting in this as a business. The “it’s just another mlm company” mindset. it took me about a two years before i said yes to simply trying the products. this yes, changed my life. their humanitarian values, the quality of oils and the support in either SOLELY using the products for your home, your life, your family or choosing to build additional income by simply sharing the oils you love is something i firmly stand behind. It’s about community. sharing what we love and others choosing to try it too; or not. it really is this simple.

For those of you who have been thinking about earning income with doTERRA but felt either confused by it or distrustful of it…

Science is on your side. This is the future of healthcare and medical research. Essential oils are in the future of fighting disease.

That being said… it matters where these oils come from. It matters that they are cultivated and grown in a sustainable way. It matters that they are of the highest possible quality and purity.

doTERRA is the world’s leader in essential oils, and they provide those of the absolute highest quality and purity. Their models of leadership and operation are inspirations to any American business; they run a 100% debt-free company that prioritizes the sustainability of the planet and the fair, dignified, compassionate treatment of individuals.

In response to the question: “Isn’t it just a pyramid scheme?”

Things are a scheme if there is stealing and/or lying. This business model as used by doTERRA (in which there is no lying and stealing) is simply an alternative distribution.

It allows regular individuals to take big part in their profits by building sustainable income through education. If doTERRA didn’t distribute this way, the only people making profit would be doTERRA and probably Whole Foods.

I am personally super grateful and inspired to be a part of it; and it creates connection and community around these issues so that we can be accountable for learning together, healing together and taking care of our families better.

doTERRA’s transparency and philanthropy is an inspirational model that I hope other businesses in America replicate. Their values are their business. And those values put people and the planet first.

If you have further questions, contact me. I’m here to be as transparent as possible in sharing my experience with you. or…. Simply dive in. Join me on this journey. See, feel and experience doTERRA for yourself; THEN create your mindset on.

Ready to take this step into your wellness journey with doTERRA? Ready to take the reigns on your health and if you so choose, also your financial mindset? Join below. I’m here, waiting for YOU. Here to support YOU. Learning + Growing; Together.