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Image by Sarah Wilcox

Image by Sarah Wilcox

Take what speaks to you, leave the rest here; essentially you.

Learning + growing; Together.

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our body is made to feel overall good health. it’s as simple as that.

Be it physically, emotionally or spiritually; there is an oil to help guide whatever it is you seek. There is an oil to help invite in more opening for joy, love and peace. There is an oil to help manage stress, increase energy, welcome in better sleep, help ease digestion, anxiety, inflammation and pretty much anything you may be struggling with. You are your creator in life. The choice is yours in saying Yes to being a Wellness Warrior in this life and thrive. If you are new to doTERRA essential oilts and curious which oils may be the best to start with, start your journey with a free online consultation by filling out the form located HERE.

Image by Sarah Wilcox

Image by Sarah Wilcox


If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of DoTERRA Oils in your home or wellness office, or consider a business as part of our growing team; Join our team.

Two options; Choose your path.

Become a wholesale customer or wellness advocate.

You can use this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to receive free products along the way. We like to have fun around here, so you’ll also receive access to the bonuses listed below. Your invite to the wellness party is just a click away.

You may also consider becoming a wellness advocate if building a business with doTERRA speaks to you. You’ll receive mentorship from me as well as exclusive bonuses for my team listed below. You’ll have the opportunity to earn additional income for that dream of yours and I will be here to support you each step of the way. Become a wellness advocate here and I will send you additional information within 2 business days of signing up to help begin your journey.

You can always start as a wholesale customer and as time goes on, if you decide you want to share the oils with others and earn bonuses, we can transfer you over to a wellness advocate. Have questions on getting started or best path for you? Contact me here:

Exclusive bonuses for joining my team:

  • A welcome gift from me to help support you on this adventure.

  • Monthly support on our team’s private website. Essentially You: Learning + Growing; Together. (Launching July 2019. For those building a business with me, your teams will also get access. Sharing the love and growing together.)

  • A community of like-minded individuals who whole-heartily support one another. No matter your location, your age, your background… I support you just as you are; Today.

  • Access to the Essential Practice website beautifully curated by our upline mentor and teacher, Elena Brower. I will email you instructions on how to access once you’ve joined our doTERRA team through the link below.

Your interest is sparked in joining our team yet wanting additional information? Sign up here and I will send you details.

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